Comics for 2000

Another bad decision. January 7
What can you do about guys who avoid you? January 14
Sisterly advice. January 21
Keep them at a distance. January 27
Flowers! February 3
Valentine's coupons! February 10
A modest proposal. February 17
Guess who's coming to dinner. February 24
Shy boys. March 2
Another pop-cultural dated question. March 9
Dumping the dumper. March 16
More tips on attracting people. March 23
What does "maybe" mean? March 30
A soulmate question. April 6
Dig that do, baby! April 13
She haunts my dreams. April 20
Kissin' and dissin'. April 27
Where true love can be found. May 4
Where the boys are. May 11
Are you annoyed by someone who loves you? Dont worry. They'll move on to someone younger and hotter. May 18
The truth about cats and dogs. May 25
Movies for lovers. June 1
Why we love people who don't love us. June 15
Self esteem issues. June 22
Bad Boy vs. Nice Guy. The struggle continues. June 29
Old guys vs. young guys. July 6
What does "sepuku" mean? July 13
Why guys are visually stimulated. July 20
Mishima, baby! July 27
Look at me, ladies! I have a car! August 3
"Ex"-terior motives. August 10
How to read body language. August 17
No more "ex"-cuses. August 24
The net and your former love. August 31
"...and I'm tired of makin' friends and I'm tired of makin' time, and I'm sick to death of love and I'm sick to death of tryin' and its' easier for you, yeah, it's easier for you..." -Salome, Old 97s September 7
Why dating shouldn't be a serious thing. September 14
Sex sells. September 21
Tenacious-(e)X September 28
Do or do not, there is no try. October 5
Denial October 12
Financial status and virility. October 19
Again, you need to have a lover to find a lover. October 26
Bad poetry. November 2
When is it okay to talk to your "ex" again? November 9
Here's a way to ruin a friendship. November 16
An election, that's not dated at all. November 23
Where the girls are. November 30
Guys do forget important when comic deadlines are due. November 31
If you love someone, set them free. December 7
What to do when you and your "ex" have the same friends. December 14
Christmas gift ideas. December 21
Tracking down lost loves. December 28