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October 2010

Okay, it's no secret I'm the worst when it comes to keeping this site updated. So as a reminder, the best way to read new comics is by going to or lobbying your local alternative weekly to publish Tiny. I will continue to update the archives and maybe attempt to give this site a facelift, but I don't have a concrete timeline for that. It seems like every six months is the average though. So my apologies to those of you who keep coming back expecting to find updates. I'll try harder on future sites. Otherwise you can check the Comics section for the archives up to this post.

Anyway, I thought I'd use this time to thank all the readers out there. I've been getting some emails from folks who wrote in questions years ago, and were telling me how their lives are post-comic. It's been reallly nice to hear that and it makes doing the comic worth it. So I just wanted to let all of those who have written in, past, present, future, whether I was able to do a comic on your question or not, that I truly appreciate your interactions with Tiny. You guys are awesome for taking the time to write into a cartoon.

Okay, not sure when the next update of this site will be. Best way to keep up to keep up to date is to add @tinysepuku to your list of twitter friends.

Until then, take care out there.


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