Comics for 2001

PC vs. Mac jokes...ha...oh, forget it, no one will get this... January 4
You're not the only person I obsess over, baby. I got a life too ya know. January 11
Le'go my Hegel. January 18
Amaze your lover. January 25
Are you straight, gay, or bi-partisan? February 2
Valentine plans for singles. February 8
Instant family! February 15
More long distance romance tips. February 22
Women don't like dating doctors, it's true. March 1
Look but don't touch March 8
Again, why do good girls like bad boys? March 15
Move on, sister. March 22
Married and playin' the field. April 5
Coffee talk. April 12
Can I check your ID? April 19
More long distance stuff. April 26
"Love is sometimes magic, but magic is sometimes illustion." May 3
"I am still living with your ghost..." -Santa Monica, Everclear May 10
Science is Scexy! May 17
More denial. May 24
Very in-ter-es-ting. May 31
A lot of Hollywood folks like these. June 7
Why is it easier to meet (alleged)women online? June 14
Girls rule! June 21
Are you hitting on me? June 28
Lover's secrets. July 5
Job tips for all my out of work brothers and sisters. July 12
Cynicism is just a funny version of the truth. July 19
Green eyed devil. July 26
Gift certificates. Everyone likes those. August 2
A public service announcement. August 9
My 15 minutes was pre-empted. August 16
Cosplay ideas. August 23
Cartoonists are obsolete. August 30
"You are 18 year old girl, you live in small city in Japan..." -Weezer September 6
Tiny's book club. September 13
Waste management problems. September 20
More proposal advice. September 27
Wallet pics. October 4
Are straight guys scared when gay guys compliment them? October 11
What love gets you besides heartache. October 18
Life is full of second chances. October 25
The Emperor question. November 1
"Do who ya like" - Do Whatcha Like, Digital Underground November 8
What they say isn't what they mean. November 15
Breaking up is hard to do...for people who actually have a soul. November 22
Opposites attract. November 29
How do you know when you've met your soulmate? December 6
How to break up with a nice guy. December 13
"The thrill is gone" - B.B. King December 20
Merry Gift-mas December 27