Comics for 2004

Sorry, I already broke this year's resolution to make the comic funnier. January 1
Classified information. January 8
Do you see what I see? January 15
Wanna play doctor? January 22
Those who don't learn from the past, yadda-yadda-yadda January 29
Living Fossils February 5
Happy VD! February 12
Fatalism illustrated. February 19
Saying "hi" is the easy part. February 26
Pick up lines for smarties. March 4
A theological discussion. March 11
Lost in translation. March 18
An arguement for lost loves remaining "lost". March 25
The decoding of the word "friend". April 1
Things to remember when dating celebrities. April 8
Anger Management. April 15
There are worse things to have stuck in your head than ex-lovers. April 22
You were always on my mind. April 29
Who needs diets and exercise? May 6
You want to know the truth? You can't handle the truth! May 13
Your love is like bad medicine. May 20
Pass the dutchie on the left hand side. May 27
Being famous isn't so great...but then again, how would I know? June 3
C'est la vie. June 10
Relationship loopholes. June 17
Psy-ops for everyday use. June 24
How to be content with your lot. July 1
Minored in love, majored in heartbreak. July 8
This would've been a great "Slow Wave" comic. July 15
Based on actual events! July 22
To ouija, or not ouija. That is the question. July 29
Last minute prom dates. August 5
Lucky charms are part of a nutritious breakfast. August 12
Karma-geddon. August 19
2 girls, 1 guy, and hilarity ensues. Story of my life. August 26
Why it seems everyone is dating the perfect person, except you. September 2
The Everybody Crew teaches us about judging a book by it's cover. September 9
The best argument for veganism. September 16
How about a nice song and dance number? September 23
Fun with temporal sigularities. September 30
Mean girls. October 7
The danger in having really high standards. October 14
Another visit from the Everybody Crew. October 21
She likes me...I think. October 28
How to tell if your boyfriend's mom dislikes you. November 4
For all you long distance romantics. November 11
Why boys are confused by girls. November 18
Who wouldn't like to study "abroad"?(wink, wink. nudge, nudge.) November 25
Focus groups. December 2
Why we shouldn't be jealous of lovers who are still friends with their ex. December 9
The Kitty Rugby League. December 16
This one stars Pere Noel. December 23
I think I did 3 comics about resolutions this year. That's just sad. December 30