Comics for 2005

Forget about your friend, and let's go have some fun. January 6
Are we in a relationship, or what? January 13
Would I feel the same? January 20
Cat lover. January 27
A frog, a pig, and a robot talk about sex. February 3
How to find a new boyfriend. February 10
Another copy and paste comic about girls who like girls. February 17
Lawyers are the matchmakers of the future. February 24
"All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend."-Bonnie and Clyde, Jay-Z and Beyonce quoting a Tupac lyric. March 3
I swear I've changed. March 10
That's not a bowl of Lucky Charms. March 17
O, brother where art thou? March 24
A comic about cheating...not adultery. March 31
Ending an "on again-off again" romance, or maybe smoking. April 7
Star Trek fans are at the vanguard of a socially progressive society. April 14
"I've had relations with girls from many nations"-Sexuality, Billy Bragg. April 21
If only I looked like a cartoon. April 28
Us men no communicate good. May 5
And I thought no one in Japan read my comic cuz I spelled seppuku wrong. May 12
That's the truth, Ruth. May 19
A question from the invisible woman...not Jessica Alba in The Fantastic Four movie. May 26
Everyone likes comics about babies! June 2
I can't believe you fellas in Australia are letting a girl like this slip by. What's wrong with you guys? June 9
A question about teaching english in Korea...sort of. June 16
How to ask for someone's phone number without seeming too interested in them. June 23
Kissin' cousins. June 30
Worst liar ever. July 7
Arguements for monogamy. July 14
A nice instructional film for art majors. July 21
Strive to be taller. July 28
Crybaby. August 4
False memories. August 11
I knew all those years spent playing D&D would pay off one day. August 18
I'm thinking about it. August 25
Smasho!! September 1
Inconceivable! September 8
Hip-Hop-Hooray. September 15
Lookie here, I answer TWO questions with one comic! September 22
You are way too serious on a first date. September 29
When you want to get rid of annoying people, remember most communication is non-verbal. October 6
How to NOT get your ex back. October 13
My perfect girl. October 20
Here's a costume idea. October 27
Political speech writers can play cupid too. November 3
The ski bunny and the rich, old lech. November 10
Today's special. November 17
The Stockholm Syndrome November 24
BOR-ing. December 1
More arguments for monogamy. December 8
Ah-choo! December 15
She likes a guy at work...and maybe a girl too. December 22
Four questions, one comic!!! December 29