Comics for 2006

How to avoid being around someone you can't have. January 5
The most overasked question regarding the differences between men and women. January 12
Don't reveal your cards too early. January 19
Cosplay and Anime Cons! January 26
Ninjitsu for the single girl. February 2
Will you...and her be my Valentines? February 9
V for Virginity. February 16
Say anything. February 23
I <3 Tomboys. March 2
No Teddy Ruxpin, he. March 9
She likes a girl who likes boys, wackiness ensues. March 16
Mensch up, wimps! March 23
Don't look for problems that aren't there. March 30
I got a P.H.D. in S.E.X. April 6
How to disenchant your fella. April 13
"You're too nice to talk to." - The English Beat. April 20
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. April 27
Do you want to join us on our honeymoon? May 4
Stare case. May 11
It's spelled "vinaigrette", not the anglicized version of "vinegarette". Please excuse my French spelling "foe paw". May 18
Why younger guys should date older ladies. May 25
Guys, if you want to increase your attractiveness without plastic surgery or a wardrobe change, develop a British accent. June 1
Forgive and forget. June 8
Guess what, Mom... June 15
Deflecting a crush. June 22
I knew watching Raiders of the Lost Ark 500 times would pay off one day. June 29
What is it with Canadians and May-December relationships? July 6
A question about "furries". July 13
Eh...good enough for who it's for. July 20
Back to the future. July 27
Other books on relationships. August 3
Asian lesbian problems. August 10
Japanese lessons. August 17
How to get over anybody. August 24
A girl's smile is not consent. August 31
Sex buddies. September 7
Violence is never an option...unless you're into S and M. September 14
Proposing in the age of technology. September 21
Finally an answer to why "Sepuku" isn't spelled "seppuku". September 28
Law school or a social life, the eternal question. October 5
American (heart) Chinese. October 12
I never had this problem growing up, as I was a hetero geeky guy with only geeky guy friends. Sadly, this is still the case. October 19
The short answer to this question is "transfer to another school". October 26
Are you still in love with your ex? November 2
Time to play the speculation game. November 9
Forbidden fruit. November 16
Why your best friend doesn't want you to date his sister. November 23
"I am a patient boy. I wait! I wait! I wait! I wait!" - Fugazi. November 30
"God's gift to us is Canadian girls" - Beulah. December 7
"Think you're kinda neat, then she tells me I'm a creep" - Stone Temple Pilots. December 14
"I need help and you're way across the sea." - Weezer. December 21
4 questions from around the world. December 28