Comics for 2007

Chris from NJ wants to know how to end the bitterness. January 4
Creeped Out in Ontario is creeped out. January 11
Goretti from NY should be studying instead of reading comics. January 18
Sarah from CA wants to impress her boyfriend's parents. January 25
D.A.C. in PA wants to know why guys like Les Paul guitars. February 1
A Valentine one for Rose in Atlanta. February 8
Hugo in the Philippines is stressed out at work. February 15
It's the year of the pig for Motherboard in Toronto. February 22
Confused in Cali is confused about guys. March 1
Khoi from Martinez wants to know about dysthymia. March 8
When do you tell your family about your gay marriage asks Engaged. March 15
Cee in Texas wants to know how to break her cycle of short term relationships. March 22
Somebody in Columbia, SC wants to know how to tell her friend she's in love with him. March 29
Confused (not related to the one from Cali) in Amsterdam asks why her boyfriend is afraid of moving in with her. April 5
How do you deal with a friend who lies, asks Sui in California. April 12
Hiperion from Slovenia wants to reignite his girlfriend's passions. April 19
Adeline in London asks if she should be friends with her ex. April 26
Convincing his friend that they should be a couple is New York Andy's hope. May 3
Why would a girl talk to me in private but not in front of other people asks LSH from the states. May 10
An ex-pat in Wuxi wants help in handling her boyfriend's insistence on choosing her clothes. May 17
Debbs in SC and Reid in AK want to know how to deal with their exes. May 24
C in California wants to know if he's crazy. May 31
Michelle in Cali wants to know why guys are so fickle. June 7
Chipotle in Utah likes two gals, and I refrain from doing any tired polygamy jokes. June 14
An anonymous reader in San Francisco who has never dated wants to know how to flirt. June 21
Why do relationships make people go nuts, asks Lyndsay in Alaska. June 28
Confuzzled in Mississippi is confused about crush that has come out of the closet. July 5
Oyaji Gaijin in Japan is hot for teacher. July 12
What can you do about an office romance asks Andy in Indiana. July 19
Torn in Arizona is conflicted between what her friends want, and what she wants. July 26
Chu in Georgia asks what to do about her boyfriend wanting her to be friends with his ex. August 2
Rekindling an old flame is what Madelaine in the UK is asking about. August 9
Happy Being Alone in SF is happy being alone. August 16
Confused Cupid in Australia likes one of her friends. August 23
When should you break up with someone you don't like asks Trying To Help in South Carolina. August 30
MEJ wants the heartache to go away. September 06
Rhianna in Colorado likes a guy in Oz, but isn't too crazy about his Mum. September 13
Another Aussie who likes their best friend. September 20
Phantastic Peg's problem is she attracts younger guys. September 27
Elise's friend likes all her female friends in Iowa. October 4
A hot redhead in Sweden is worried that her US boyfriend will lose interest in her. October 11
Madison in Alabama wants to know if not having a crush on anyone is ok. October 18
Charlie asked what I'm gonna be for Halloween. October 25
Andy Dandy from Cali likes girls...and one boy. November 1
Yang in Vancouver BC wants to have her friend see her as more than a friend. November 8
Rimyen shares a crush with a friend for the same gal. November 15
Contemplating a break in AZ. November 22
East LA Mike and his finicky friend. November 29
Ed in Alaska wants some social network etiquette tips. December 6
Stupid Girl in Canada wants to know how to make up for a mistake. December 13
A gift idea for Mischievous in Kentucky. December 20
Four questions, one comic. The annual year end blow out. December 27