Comics for 2008

The New Year's resolution for Confused in SF is to figure out his/her sexuality. January 3
Crash Test Dummy in Australia wants to know if his love is real...or just fear. January 10
Torn in Maryland likes the Daddies. January 17
What to do about an ex who was led on by Ruth in Mexico. January 24
Khader in Lynnwood just wants to the girl he likes to see him as more than a friend. January 31
Happy Year of the Rat. A prediction in this comic is coming true. Miss trusting sent an article a couple weeks after it was printed regarding a Korean company producing the cell phone mentioned in the strip. February 7
A Valentine comic for Romantic in Niantic. February 14
PHB in SLC has issues with her house guest. February 21
Frustrated College Girl in Ohio wants to change nice guys into alpha nice guys. February 28
Who likes guys in glasses? Dap in Sweden sure does. March 6
Adan in Texas wants me to go on Ninja Warrior. March 13
DM misses his boyfriend in Japan. March 20
How do you stop two friends from fighting asks Frustrated in Tennessee. March 27
Mel Mel in California wants to know who would voice act in a Tiny Sepuku cartoon. April 3
A person's relationship in Malta is having post-op complications. April 10
How long is forever asks Issac in Kentucky April 17
Mixed signals in El Salvador. April 24
Mystified-G in the Philippines doesn't understand guys. May 1
Blind Puppy's friends think her best friend likes her...a lot. May 8
A question from down under about people who have nothing in common. May 15
Cars and guys are what Sarah in Chicago wants to know about. May 22
A guy in Iowa wants to know how to convince a girl to go on a date with him. May 29
The 3 year rule is the subject of the question from a person in Arizona. June 5
Lost in Love in California is trying to figure out the guy she likes. June 12
A predominantly physical relationship is making Mary in Texas unhappy. June 19
Ash from L.A. wants solutions to rising gas prices. June 26
Shy Double-D from tha L.B.C. has a question. July 3
Sex Education for dogs by request from Betty in Georgia. July 10
A question regarding affluenza from a person in Connecticut. July 17
Sarah in New Hampshire wants help in narrowing her interests. July 24
A bookworm in Indiana wants advice on how to attract the fellas. July 31
In New York, there is someone trying to forget their ex. August 7
Torn in Canada wants to know how to choose between two guys. August 14
Helena in Mexico has a problem with her US ex. August 21
Anja in Germany has met someone from a past life. August 28
Too many guys for someone in Iowa. September 4
An Aussie wants to know what to do about one of her friend's horrible girlfriend. September 11
Cover stories for Christina in Toronto. September 18
Chong has a question about body issues. September 25
The economy is freaking out someone in Arizona. October 2
A timid reader in Boston wants a second chance. October 9
Rebekah in Boston has train crush. October 16
A girl in Buffalo wants to know how to tell the guy she likes that she's transgendered. October 23
Abby in Dallas want to know my favorite Halloween candy. October 30
Kamesh in Portland requested an election comic. November 6
Ladies in long, tight gloves are adored by a German reader. November 13
I had to spell "a-t-h-e-i-s-t" 100 times on the chalkboard after mispelling it in the published version of the comic. I guess I should do that with "s-e-p-p-u-k-u" too. November 20
A woman in South Carolina and her adopted Chinese daughter enjoy a family Thanksgiving. November 27
A student in Arizona has questions about their overly friendly teacher. December 4
In Sweden there's a guy who is worried that his mental state is keeping him from getting dates. December 11
A dude in California wants to know if the girl he helps in class likes him or is using him. December 18
Santa brings a gift for a reader in Georgia. December 25