Comics for 2009

Four questions, one comic. January 3
A sister in Ohio wants to set up her brother with her best friend. January 8
A trio of problems in Maryland. January 15
Birthday in Brazil. January 22
Ralph in Sweden wants to know how to tell if a girl is flirting with him seriously or for fun. January 29
The Lion in New Mexico wants to help someone with a low self opinion. February 5
Budget Valentine ideas for Yuki. February 12
Jennie in Berlin doesn't like that her girlfriend smokes. February 19
Someone in Louisiana needs help getting to sleep, and my comics are the cure for insomnia. February 26
Marital question from Anders in Sweden. March 5
Recession jobs for Kate in NYC. March 12
A girl in Portugal likes two guys. March 19
Miss Priss in South Carolina wanted to know the origins of the comic. March 26
Jennifer in Kansas asks if she should stay or should she go. April 2
At the time of this posting, Annette in New York has never been kissed. April 9
Good things come to those who weight, in this case Nik from California. April 16
Video game cosplay ideas for a wife in South Carolina. April 23
Arlene in Minneapolis asks if she should move in with her boyfried. April 30
Job hunting tips for Taylor in Florida. May 7
Does A.F have an Asian Fetish? May 14
A "big" question from A-Cup in Illinois. May 21
Tuffie in South Carolina asks about peer pressure and gets a talking papaya. May 28
Jay in Artesia needs to outsource her suffering. June 4
Post-college plans for Bret in Kansas. June 11
There are better excuses to break up than the one given to Broken from Connecticut. June 18
Spanish Lover in LA has a boy who loves gossiping about their private life. June 25
A woman in New Mexico wonders about her estranged hubby's behavior. July 2
A married lady in Oklahoma wants to know why guys keep hitting on her. July 9
Alternate Tinys are the result of a question from Vancouver, BC. July 16
A guy in Ohio wants to know how to get more ladies to like him and his geekery. July 23
Yuuki in New York has brownie problems. July 30
Job questions from Karen in San Franciso. August 6
A girl in Arizona misses her boy in Egypt. August 13
Joseph wants to know how to break into the comic strip biz. August 20
Sean in Santa Monica has a vegan girlfriend. August 27
A girl in Florida wants tips on how to help cheer up her unemployed boyfriend. September 3
Robots, Pirates, or Ninjas? September 10
Emily in Denver has a friend with benefits. September 17
A guy in Houston wants to know if he should go to an ex's wedding. September 24
Cat question from Mr. Meowgi in Seattle. October 1
GG in the Phillippines wants a plush Tiny. October 8
Dayton is homesick. October 15
Leonard asks how his town will be affected by climate change. October 22
A question about vampires from someone in Dallas. October 29
A guy in Atlanta is complaining about having rich girlfriends. November 5
Isaac in KY wants to know if he should tell a girl that he likes her before she leaves. November 12
Earache in SLC doesn't want to hear her loud roomie and his girlfriend. November 19
A gal in St. Paul wants to know what Tiny is thankful for. November 26
Someone in Portland, ME has a money/relationship question. December 3
Kitsuneko in Canada asked why guys don't date gals in wheelchairs. December 10
A tres-way question from Mexico. December 17
Yan-Yan in BC is dating an Indian guy. December 24
Cameron wants some predictions for 2010 and beyond. December 31