Comics for 2010

Ron in MA has been married 40 years. January 7
A guy in Canada is always too late to ask a girl out. January 14
A gal in SC was more attracted to her online boyfriend before she saw him in person. January 21
Trev in AZ is concerned about the Supreme Court decision to allow multinational corporations unlimited funding to political campaigns...whew. January 28
Bart in Belgium wants to reassure his long time girlfriend that he still finds her attractive. February 4
A Valentine treasure hunt. February 11
Farmer Dan in Louisiana is wondering when the animals will Inglourious Bambi. February 18
Janet in Seattle thinks visual arts will be a lucrative career. February 25
Rell in Austin TX loves a girl and he loves D&D, but there's no 3-way possibility here. March 4
Rebecca in SF is waiting on her girlfriend. March 11
A reader in South Korea wonders if asking a co-worker out was a bad call. March 18
MJ in Vancouver BC asks if she should tell a guy her secret feelings before she leaves town. March 25
A fellow in India wants to know how to break up with a girl. April 1
Some guy in NYC really likes cartoons. April 8
LA executive needs advice about dealing with interns. April 15
A gal in Florida likes a guy who doesn’t want to date. April 22
Tea shop crush for Sarah in Chicago. April 29
Dan in San Francisco questions the popularity of zombies. May 6
A husband in New Orleans really appreciates his wife. May 13
T-Fan in South Carolina asks why there’s no female sidekick character in the comic. May 20
The last episode of “Lost” is reviewed for Lady J in Arizona. May 27
Solutions for oil spills for Ryan in Atlanta. June 3
A housewife in Denver wants to heat up the marriage. June 10
Brunei guy is suspicious about why his girlfriend broke up with him. June 17
The Twilight series is the focus of a question from Panda Girl in Irvine. June 24
An unemployed person in Ohio wants to know if they should lie on their resume to get an interview. July 1
A person in Florida has different music tastes than their friends. July 8
Superhero forbidden love. July 15
Buttercup in Atlanta is a geek girl and wants to know why geeky guys won’t date her. July 22
Spankings for Mark in Charleston, SC. July 29
Carolyn in Texas wants to know if UFO’s are for real. August 5
Trish in Portland, OR wants to know how to tell if someone is cheating on them. August 12
Spiff in Brunei wonders if her ex ever thinks about her. August 19
Fear is keeping a girl in NYC from talking to guys. August 26
Colt turns the comic into an episode of “Car Talk”. September 2
A gal in Boulder, CO wants to know if Blondes really have more fun. September 9
Someone wants to know how to keep from swallowing their gum. September 16
Fluffy Ninja in Columbia, SC wants to start dating. September 23
Bill in Chicago doesn’t like all these movies and shows based on Facebook and Twitter. September 30
Turtle in Seattle doesn’t like to travel.
October 7
Romantic dining tips for Pam in Arizona.
October 14
Someone out there wants to know how to get elected.
October 21
Jeff in Ann Arbor needs a cheap Halloween costume.
October 28
Someone in Canada wants to know what songs to learn to play on the guitar to get the ladies.
November 4
Should you become an animator?
November 11
In-law problems for a woman in LA.
November 18
Someone in Denver wants to know what happens to the uneaten Thanksgiving turkeys.
November 25
Steve in PA likes a girl he's never talked to.
December 2
Do your friends always hit on waitresses when you go out to eat?
December 9
A gal in Toronto has a procrastination problem.
December 16
Megan in Provo wants to know how to get on Santa's good list.
December 23
A lass in San Diego wants to know what my New Year's resolutions are.
December 30