Comics for 2011

Someone in Oregon is being plotted against by their ex. January 6
Savannah in OK wonders why teens aren't trusted. January 13
Massie in LA wants to know how to prepare for a baby. January 20
A Halloween question from someone in Florida. January 27
A "cat lady" in Canada has a question about cats. February 3
Hamza in Alabama wants some marriage advice. February 10
A guy in Provo wants some direction in life. February 17
Colt in Boston has a shoulder problem. February 24
A gal in Costa Rica likes her best friend's ex. March 3
Do robot girlfriends dream of electric roses? March 10
Jason in SLC has a question about his toddler. March 17
This was made for the earthquake in Japan, but it goes for anything you want to give to. March 24
A guy in RI wants some date movie suggestions. March 31
Allison in Toronto wants to know if it really is better to have loved and lost. April 7
Tips on becoming more decisive. April 14
Yes, see someone about that rash. April 21
Henry in TN wants to know which Japanese super hero is the best. April 28
Someone in CA likes a guy they work with. May 5
A person in Greece has a question about comics. May 12